Leder Notizbuch A5


Perfektes Leder-Notizbuch in A5 mit austauschbarem Papier.

Hohe Qualitätsproduktion, Materialien und zeitloses Design werden in dieser Zeitschrift gepaart.

Unser leder
- höchste Abgestattete
- Gemüse gegerbt.
- Vollkorn
- Unbemalt
- Hergestellt in Spanien
- Komplette lokale Produktion
- VACHETTA | Kalb | Novillo | Kuhleder

Dieses Leder wird aufgrund der Produktionsbeschränkungen und der überlegenen Preise nur von einer Handvoll exklusiven Handtaschenherstellern genutzt.

Hergestellt von Hand in unserem Atelier in Barcelona

23 × 16 × 2 cm

Die Kanten sind abgeschrägt und brüniert und der Bolzenknopf besteht aus massivem Messing mit einem goldenen Finish. Wir verwenden natürliches pflanzliches gegerbtes Leder, das von Sonne und Flüssigkeiten dunkler wird und mit einer Patina im Laufe der Zeit mit einer Patina bereichern wird.



Leather Atelier Shop Barcelona Manuel Dreesmann Atelier Madre Barcelona

Visit us in our Atelier Shop

We opened our atelier to the public in September last year. Here you can see us producing everything right in front of you. For us, it is not just a beautiful space to spend our days working, but also a source of inspiration for new products. Costumers can come by and give suggestions or design their next everyday companion with us. Some of these products have already made it into our collection.

If you happen to be in Barcelona, give us a visit, and let's have a chat.

Our adress:

Carrer del Rec 20, 08003 Barcelona, Spain


Best Leather

We use only the best full-grain vegetable-tanned leather from a tannery in Spain. Our leather is between 1.5 and 2.5 mm thick, ensuring that our products will genuinely accompany you for a long time. The high fashion brands are only using this leather due to the premium pricing.

Crafted by Hand

We go all the way with an excellent eye for detail to craft the perfect products for you. We don't make any compromises in quality to fasten production up. We want to make things we genuinely believe in.

Ethical & Sustainable

We do everything in-house in our atelier. We design, source, produce and ship from here. We use local suppliers, 99% located in Europe. We try to minimize all waste in our production. Our leather is vegetable-tanned, the most ecological option for leather so far.

Made by hand

We make all products by hand in our atelier in Barcelona - Atelier Madre. We select the areas of the leather skin for each part and cut them out precisely. Each sleeve is stitched by hand, ensuring the best durability. All corners are beveled and burnished to give them the unique "rounded look". Before we ship, we control every item for quality.

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